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4 min readJul 8, 2017

An activity whirlwind came through since I last wrote one of these, and I’m still recovering. I’m exhausted but excited to have a somewhat low-key summer. A low-key summer with a boatload of sleep is the top priority, and that’s always a good thing.

Anyways, here is how I’m currently living…

I was in three cities in three weeks. I am exhausted from the constant movement, and happy to be back in D.C for a bit. I got back from Minneapolis the Tuesday after Memorial Day and left for New York City a few days after to volunteer at the 99U Conference. I returned to D.C. after midnight on a Friday and was on a plane the next Sunday morning to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut for THREAD at Yale, a Storytelling in Modern Media program. I hardly got any sleep the week I was in New Haven.


I am back and have no intentions of travelling much this summer, with the exception of maybe a trip to the beach and maybe somewhere for my birthday at the end of July. If I’m wise, I’ll go to the beach for my birthday weekend and kill two birds with one stone. Other than that, I’ll be in New York & New Jersey three times before the summer is over to coordinate and attend weddings.

I subscribe to The Create Daily, and I read the newsletter every time it drops in my inbox. I came across the 99U Conference and THREAD at Yale program in two of its newsletters.

99U Conference
The 99U Conference needed volunteers to staff the 2017 conference; I applied, interviewed and was accepted. I was scheduled to volunteer only on the last day of the conference, so I considered stepping down from the volunteer role. But I decided not to and had a blast in New York and at the conference. I met up with friends, explored a NYC neighborhood I was unfamiliar with, ate A LOT, met great people and heard some amazing speeches from the 99U conference main stage.

I don’t think my connection with 99U is a one-time thing…

Yale University|
The Create Daily newsletter also introduced me to THREAD at Yale “Storytelling in Modern Media” program. It is a journalism and storytelling program for non-fiction storytellers — writers, illustrators, journalists, photojournalists, novelist, podcasters, radio producers etc. I read the program description, and knew I needed to apply. I did, and because I’m fabulous like that and also favored by God, I was accepted.

Honestly, Yale is not a place that sits in my dreams. Though I know getting into Yale would not be an issue for me, it just wasn’t on my dream list. Getting accepted into THREAD made it a dream I never knew I had, but one that came alive regardless. The program was amazing for me, and it was exactly what I needed in this season where I’m thinking through what I want to do with stories. I’ll write on Lessons from THREAD in a separate post.

In other career happenings…
Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)
For two years, I tiptoed around getting my Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, but this year, I decided it was now or never. Earlier in the spring, I signed up for a class to earn the education contact hours I need to start the application process, and I started classes two weeks ago. I plan to complete classes by end of summer and put in my application to get certified thereafter. Wish me luck! I plan to apply for my Certified Meeting Planner (CMP) certification too, but I decided a project management certification was a better strategy for achieving my future goals.

I need to get back to exercising (shame on me). In my quest to get back to fit and healthy, I am paying closer attention to what I eat. I’m choosing to eat more fruits and veggies, and less carbs. I feel a lot better, but, truth is, I need to get back to working out.

Still binging on House of Cards, but I wouldn’t even call it binge watching because I can only take one or two episodes at a time. I am still in season one. It is crazy intense, and I swear politics is evil. I still have Scandal on my radar, and also thinking about watching “This is Us” and maybe “Game of Thrones” too.

I am excited for the second season premiere of Insecure on HBO in July. Yippee!

I’m taking it easy…I told my friend the other day that my plans for this summer is to write, rest and sleep. I don’t know if I’ll keep that promise especially if something fun stuff comes up. “face palm”

I spent last Friday afternoon with this beauty I call my friend, and we met some of my friends at Jazz in the Garden. #bliss

I love summer, but I tend to pack my calendar too full, and it drains me. I’m hoping to get a grip on that this summer. Here is toasting to a low-key summer where I churn out work and have fun, but also get some sleep.

What are your plans for the summer — do you prioritize fun over rest?
Or is summer just another season to in the words of Rihanna to work, work, work, work, work?

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