What’s in your “9–5 with a Side Hustle” Toolkit? — Chinasa Elue

AdeOla Crystiana Fadumiye
4 min readOct 21, 2020

Day two of October’s “What’s in your Toolkit? is here, and I am so excited to share Dr. Chinasa Elue with you.

We were introduced by a mutual friend about five (5) years ago and she hired me to write copy for her then-new coaching services.

Working with her was such a joyful synergy and we kept in touch long after I transitioned out of copywriting and she kept building the fabulous business that she started.

Dr. Chi as she is fondly called is a powerhouse. Her energy is both strong and endearing, and when she speaks I listen.

She is another woman, I have both mad love and respect for. When I think of her, I think formidable and endearing.

Tools: Radical Honesty and Continuous Grace
Juggling a 9–5 and having a side hustle is no easy feat, especially during multiple pandemics! In fact, it takes some careful intentionality and the ability to have some very difficult conversations with yourself and those in your circle in order for the two to coexist. For me personally, these conversations go even deeper as a young mom and a wife. There is always an artful dance I find myself in, but I always lean into the fact that as I commit my plans to the Lord, they will surely succeed (Proverbs 16:3).

In the years since I have started my own life coaching and consulting firm while being a full-time professor, I have had some unique experiences that have provided me with insight into the tools and knowledge needed to be successful at both. One of the most critical tools in my toolkit is radical honesty. Radical honesty with ourselves is paramount in our efforts to continue to work our 9–5 but also build the business of our dreams. We have to be honest with ourselves about our abilities to take on more than we can handle. There may be seasons where the responsibilities of your 9–5 will require more of your time beyond the traditional 40-hour work week. When this happens, you need to have an honest conversation with yourself about your bandwidth and your capabilities to effectively navigate the various aspects of…



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