What’s in your “Friendship” Toolkit?

AdeOla Crystiana Fadumiye
4 min readJul 21, 2020

July is here, and it is my birthday month….#leoseason is here!

Also still here is COVID-19, and I’m all the way over it.

Anyways, we leaned into Friendship this month and I’m so glad this is the theme for July especially because no thanks to the lockdown, many of us haven’t touched our friends, and, in some cases, our families, in months.

The word RELEASE sums up my interpretation of July’s share. Two amazing women shared their friendship tools on releasing ourselves from the loneliness of doing life alone and from behind the walls we build. Our second storyteller took that further and emphasized the importance of releasing people when it is time, and in some cases, those people are our close friends and besties.

Shala W. Graham, Pastor | Entrepreneur, Creative Colony, Shala Photography & Calling Qualified

Tools: A Commitment to Vulnerability

Have you ever been in the same room with a group of women, and you know deep in your spirit that you are bonded for life? That’s what happened one November day over ten years ago. We were roommates at our church women’s retreat in Hershey, PA. We knew each other enough to choose to room together for the weekend, but as we shared our hearts late into the night, we made a commitment to each other to be a life group. We playfully named our group of four “The Sundaes” for our love of ice cream. The tool that helped us build our friendship was a monthly gathering in each other’s homes or at a restaurant. We would rotate who would write a devotional for us to discuss, and then we would spend hours talking, laughing, and crying. We trusted each other to be completely vulnerable with our hearts, marriages, careers, and more. Those gatherings, rooted in our common bond of Christ and genuine heart exchange, built the foundation of a friendship that continues to thrive through the many seasons of life we have endured.

Bunmi Adebiyi — Pastor| Writer | Author, Lust is Blind



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